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September 27, 07:55


This Sunday morning Beijing time, the much-anticipated and highly anticipated UFC253 will be staged on Fight Island in Abu Dhabi. In the match that night, the light heavyweight newly promoted to the top predator "Destroyer" Reyes, will compete with Polish master Jane Bračovic, who has been brave and ranked all the way in recent years, in the joint main event for the "big The power vacuum left by the "Devil" bone Jones.

北京时间本周日早上,备受期待和高度期待的UFC253将在阿布扎比的战斗岛上演。在当晚的比赛中,新晋升为顶级掠夺者“毁灭者”雷耶斯的轻量级重量级选手将与波兰车手简·布拉索维奇(JaneBračovic)竞争,后者近年来勇敢并一直名列前茅。 “魔鬼”骨头琼斯留下的力量真空。

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Adithaya, who has successfully reached the top of the middleweight and defended his title once, will face the “fate opponent” Paul Costa in the headline main game for the first time. The real severe test. Regardless of the final result, middleweight and light heavyweight,

已成功跻身中量级冠军并捍卫过一次冠军头衔的阿迪亚亚(Adithaya),将在头条头条大战中首次面对“命运的对手”保罗·科斯塔(Paul Costa)。真正的严峻考验。不管最终结果是中量级还是轻量级,

The first game of the main game Featherweight


Hakim davodu vs. zubala tuhugov


The 29-year-old Hakim Davao, with a height of 173 and a wingspan of 183, this standing player from Canada started his career in 2013. After losing his first game, starting in 2014, he has won 6 games in three years. The outstanding record.

现年29岁的哈基姆·达沃(Hakim Davao)身高173英尺,翼展183英尺,这位来自加拿大的常任球员于2013年开始职业生涯。在从2014年开始输掉首场比赛后,他在三年内赢得了6场比赛。出色的记录。

After signing with UFC in 2018, on Fight Night 127, he was surrendered by Danny Henry in the first round and suffered an octagonal cage debut loss, but then he played a wave of four consecutive victories and received a best performance bonus. Now, Entering the main lineup of the digital tournament, he is expected to use a strong momentum of five consecutive victories after winning the game to make his name in the featherweight division and hit the long-awaited top 15 ranking.

在2018年与UFC签约后,在第127届搏击之夜中,他在第一轮被丹尼·亨利(Danny Henry)投降,并在八角笼首次亮相中遭受损失,但随后他连续四场取得一波胜利并获得了最佳表现奖金。现在,进入数字锦标赛的主要阵容,他有望在赢得比赛后以连续五场胜利的强劲势头在轻量级比赛中扬名,并打入期待已久的前15名。

As a close teammate of Kitty Hawk, the 29-year-old Zubara Tuhugov originally had a good start in the octagonal cage. In 2014, Zubara, who had a record of 15 wins and 3 losses at the time, brought 6 consecutive victories. Entered the octagonal cage, and won three battles in two years, becoming a highly anticipated star of the Russian Legion.

作为基蒂·霍克(Kitty Hawk)的亲密队友,现年29岁的祖巴拉·图胡戈夫(Zubara Tuhugov)最初在八角形笼子里开了个好头。 2014年,当时以15胜3负的纪录创造的Zubara取得了6连胜。进入八角笼,并在两年内赢得了三场战斗,成为俄罗斯军团备受期待的明星。

However, after 2016, his path to ascend was suddenly interrupted. First, he failed in a different judgment on UFC198, and then he was suspended and penalized because of his participation in the "Eagle Cannon Post-match conflict" that shocked the world on UFC229 "Battle of Little Brother" with teammate Lobov of Mouth Cannon.


Although relying on the support of the "Kitty Hawk", he returned to the game last year and scored a record of 1 win and 1 tie. However, he is already in a backward position among competitors at the same level. This game will make him rise again. A key battle on the road.


Women's Bantamweight in the second game of the main competition


凯特伦-维埃拉(#7) VS. 希加拉-尤班克斯(#13)

凯特伦-维埃拉(#7) VS. 希加拉-尤班克斯(#13)

In the “Lion Girl” dominance and few successors in the women’s bantamweight class, the 29-year-old Catelen Vieira is one of the few potential newcomers. This outstanding Brazilian player brought 6 battles in 2016. The perfect record of complete victory entered the octagonal cage, followed by four victories,

29岁的凯特琳·维埃拉(Catelen Vieira)是“狮子女郎”的主导者,也是女子最轻量级班级的继任者,是为数不多的潜在新人之一。这位杰出的巴西球员在2016年进行了6场战斗。八角笼子是取得完全胜利的完美记录,其次是四场胜利,

Once considered to be the future star of women’s bantamweight, but at UFC245 last December,


Higara Eubanks, who started his professional career in 2015, the 35-year-old American player entered the octagonal cage through TUF26's flyweight creation trial in 2017. After winning two consecutive flies, he has been losing Eubanks, who was struggling with difficulties, chose to return to the Bantamweight division and won two consecutive games this year after suffering two consecutive losses last year.

希加拉·尤班克斯(Higara Eubanks)于2015年开始职业生涯,现年35岁的美国选手于2017年通过TUF26的举重创造试验进入了八角形笼子。在连续两次夺冠后,他一直在挣扎中挣扎着挣扎的尤班克斯选择了回到最轻量级部门,并在去年连续两次亏损后,今年连续赢得两场比赛。

This time, as the original player who was injured and retired, and the temporary substitute "firefighter", Eubanks, who had just won the most recent victory two weeks ago, can be described as lightly loaded.


The third game of the main game flyweight


Kay Carra France (#7) VS. Brandon Royval (#9)


The 27-year-old Kay Carla France, height 163, wingspan 169, started his career in 2010, with a professional record of 21 wins, 8 losses and 1NC. This New Zealand player who has played in China has participated in the 2016 TUF24 selection. However, due to premature exit, he could not formally enter the octagonal cage.

现年27岁的凯·法拉(Kay Carla France)身高163岁,臂展169岁,于2010年开始职业生涯,以21胜8负和1NC的职业生涯创下纪录。这位在中国效力的新西兰球员参加了2016年TUF24选拔赛。但是,由于过早退出,他无法正式进入八角笼。

Fortunately, after 2017, he won the favor of the UFC with a wave of five consecutive victories. In more than a year after signing, he achieved an outstanding record of 4 wins and 1 loss, and successfully ranked among the top ten flyweights. For France, this game is not only a key battle for the championship, but also a digital game.


The 28-year-old Brandon Royval is a newcomer to the octagonal cage who only entered the UFC this year. This American player with a professional record of 11 wins and 4 losses, in the octagonal cage debut in May this year, the upset surrender ended. Flyweight star and former champion challenger Tim Eliot, directly airborne the top ten

现年28岁的布兰登·罗伊瓦尔(Brandon Royval)是八角笼的新来者,他今年才进入UFC。这位美国职业球员以11亚博vip官网登录胜4负的职业纪录,在今年五月的八角笼赛道上首次亮相,投降便告一段落。 Flyweight明星和前冠军挑战者Tim Eliot直接空降前十名

Joint Main Event Light Heavyweight Championship


Dominic Reyes (#1) VS. Jane Bračovic (#3)


"Ultimate Ruler" bone Jones' "abandoning the crown and increasing the weight" allowed Reyes, who was judged to lose in the last game and was close to the belt, and Poland Jane, who was waiting for the right to challenge, won the divine gift of directly competing for the throne. Good opportunity, but at the same time,


Because many people believe that regardless of the outcome of the game, the winner of the summit failed to truly end the powerful rule of the "devil" bones, but after his departure, he filled the power vacuum in the historical process. The champion of "picking up suspicions" is not the undisputed king.

因为许多人认为,无论比赛的结果如何,首脑会议的获胜者都未能真正结束“恶魔”骨头的强大统治,但他离开后,在历史进程中填补了权力真空。 “提起怀疑”的冠军并不是无可争议的国王。

However, in fact, although the bone’s "premature exit" did leave a lot of regret for the light heavyweight Game of Thrones, Reyes and Polish Jan, the two new generation masters standing at the top of the level, But it’s definitely not just a “leak picker”,

但是,实际上,尽管骨骼的“过早退出”确实给轻量级的《权力的游戏》,雷耶斯和波兰扬·扬留下了很多遗憾,两位新生代大师都处于最高水平,但这绝对不是一个简单的选择。 “检漏器”,

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As the most dominant "king of no solution" in the history of light and heavy, this time the bones "abandon the crown and leave" is not as detached and unrestrained as he himself has shown.


But the bones that want to make a difference and create higher achievements after being promoted to the heavyweight class can no longer bear the tragic physical loss of the light heavyweight class similar to the battle against Reyes.




But on the other hand, they used "bones" as their goal and "bones" as a learning template. They used "bone-like" technical configuration and almighty performance to successfully occupy and shorten the time of Bone Jones' reign. , Let this "nearly unsolvable" industry BUG.

但是另一方面,他们使用“骨骼”作为目标,并使用“骨骼”作为学习模板。他们使用“类骨头”技术配置和全能表现来成功占领并缩短了Bone Jones的统治时间。 ,让这个“几乎无法解决”的行业BUG。

For the first time in his career, I chose "Retreat". Based on this alone, the victor among them is enough to be worthy of this heavy belt. Next,


Headline Main Event Middleweight Championship


Iserel Adesaya (C) VS. Paul Costa (#2)


Although as the current middleweight king, "Black Dragon" Adissaya has been on the throne for nearly a year,


If you say, use the world's top precision strikes to end the scarred former king "five-star" Whitaker; use the seemingly dull but the most reasonable "kite tactics" to defeat Romero, the "world cannon" who has a terrifying blow ——It’s the new king, Adisaya, a farewell to the old age, then,


As the only super fierce man in history who can suppress Romero "the soldier of God" in front of his face,


After last year’s "Battle of Old and New Muscles" with Romero,


Of course, after being the "Spider", the most talented and most boxing standing champion in the octagonal cage, the "Black Dragon" will definitely not be so stupid that it will go hand-in-hand with the "Teenage Man 2.0". Although facing Paul Costa, who is younger and more agile than Romero, Adisaya may not be as easy as the last defending match.


For him, the only problem is how to withstand the terrible and powerful impact of the opponent in the first half of the game, especially in the opening phase, and once Paul’s fierce gunfire is overcome,


The result of this game not only determines whether Adissaya can start his own era of dominance, but will also have a profound impact on the future trend of the level. The middleweight of the "post-Spider era" will be in the "Four Heavenly Kings" period. After years of troubled times

这场比赛的结果不仅决定了Adissaya是否可以开始自己的统治时代,而且还将对该水平的未来趋势产生深远影响。 “蜘蛛后时代”的中量级人物将处于“四个天堂之王”时期。经过多年的困境

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No one commented, but quiet


Cristiano Ronaldo meets milestone in two worlds in a single game

克里斯蒂亚诺·罗纳尔多(Cristiano Ronaldo)在一场比赛中达到了两个世界的里程碑

Mbappe 1V2 zero-degree angle demon star presents ultra-long elevator ball


Aubameyang World Wave, Su Chao reproduces Messi's rainbow ball

Aubameyang World Wave,苏超再现了梅西的彩虹球

Not remembering Kobe in social media makes me questionable, he understands my love


He Xining: Jeremy Lin's CBA Lore King coming out of training camp


Guo Shiqiang: younger martial brother and Alan Guo can coexist


Dybala shines in national Derby, Juventus returns to top


Ronaldo wore a cap for the first time to help Inter Milan beat Naples away


Inter Milan continues to lead in victory, Milan is swept by 5 goals


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