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亚博vip|浓眉是詹皇的最佳搭档吗? 不同时期队友对比



  In the course of the Lakers' championship this season, Anthony Davis has increasingly revealed his irreplaceable status and role, and his limelight has even surpassed James. "Beach Stand Sports" reporter Eric Pincus wrote an article to discuss whether Davis is James' best teammate?

在本亚博vip官网登录赛季湖人冠军的过程中,安东尼·戴维斯越来越显示出他不可替代的地位和作用,他的风头甚至超过了詹姆斯。 《沙滩架运动》记者埃里克·平库斯(Eric Pincus)撰写了一篇文章,讨论戴维斯是否是詹姆斯的最佳队友?

  When playing for the Cavaliers and the Heat, James has worked with some great players. How does Davis compare to them? Is he the best big man James has worked with since joining the league in 2003? Is he the best teammate of James' career?


   Davis has not won a prominent title, but his personal talents and abilities complement James very well, making them an ideal partner and making the Lakers forward and center combination complement each other.


   1. Is Davis the best big man around James?


亚博vip官网登录   James made his first trip to the Finals in 2007 and was swept 4-0 by the Spurs. At the time, the Cavaliers center was 2.21 meters tall Ilgauskas. A senior from the Western Conference team said: "Big Z is a locally adored hero in Cleveland. If he plays in the current league, he might be a regular visitor to the All-Stars."


   But Davis’s real comparison is not Ilgauskas, but Bosh and Love.


A senior from the Eastern Conference team said: "I don't even think it is comparable. AD is better in every aspect. Bosh and Love are also excellent players, but AD is on another level. "


NBA reporter Andre Snellings also said: "Bosh is very strong, but AD has begun to realize that he has MVP potential. When it comes to fit, I have to say that Davis is owned by LeBron in his life (regardless of position). The best teammate of the team." A former Western Conference team executive also said: "AD has to beat Bosh, but Bosh is also a beast."

NBA记者安德烈·斯灵灵斯(Andre Snellings)也说:“波什非常强大,但广告界已经开始意识到他具有MVP的潜力。要适应,亚博vip官网登录我不得不说,戴维斯在他的一生中都是勒布朗所拥有的(不论职位如何)。团队中最好的队友。”一位前西方会议团队高管还说:“公元必须击败波什,但波什也是野兽。”

A current West Division team executive also said: "Davis is more talented. Bosh is closest to Davis in height, wingspan and athletic ability. His shooting touch and rim protection ability are also outstanding, but Davis is at a higher level."


As for Love, although he led the Cavaliers to win the championship with James in 2016, he can only be ranked 3rd in the "Best Big Teammate of James Career" list, and the gap is not small (but ranked in Iraq). In front of Ergoskas). But the problem is that Love’s defensive influence has never been comparable to Davis and Bosh.


   Bosh and James joined hands to reach the finals for 4 consecutive years, winning consecutive championships in 2012 and 2013; James and Love also joined hands to reach the finals for 4 consecutive years, winning the championship only in 2016. Bosh and Love have also worked with elite guards Wade and Owen respectively, but Davis has no such "luxury".


  2. Is Davis James' best teammate?

2.戴维斯·詹姆斯(Davis James)是最好的队友吗?

   Can Davis compare to Wade? Before joining James in the 2010-11 season, Wade led the Heat to win the championship in 2006. Can Davis compare to Irving? The latter played a decisive role in the 2016 Cavaliers' championship.


   A former Eastern Conference team executive said: "Before Davis wins, he will be behind Irving, and Wade will be ahead of them."


A current Eastern Conference team executive also said: "Wade also played MVP-level performance in the 2008-09 season, when he had a championship in hand. I have to say that if ranked, Wade should be ranked first, followed by Davis, and then Irving. But I truly believe that Davis still has a chance to become the best of them, after all, his talent is so outstanding."


Snellings also said: "I have to say that Wade is still better than AD in terms of peak performance, but there are two points to consider. First, when Wade and LeBron partnered, it was late in his career. Secondly, Wade and James have some overlap on the technical level, but Davis is the perfect complement to LeBron."


   From the outside, the aforementioned Eastern Conference team executives also said that he doesn't think the current Lakers lineup is as good as the original Cavaliers and Heat lineups, and this is a stronger testimony that Davis is the best teammate of James' career.


   Among all James' teammates, Davis's personal data is very impressive, but this is also related to the Lakers' original team building around Zhanmei. In the Heat and Cavaliers, big men often play a supporting role.


  3, the best role player around James


   The following list is the "Top 10 Best Role Player Teammates in James’ Career". The ranking is not based on their entire career performance, but just their performance when partnering with James and whether they are in good agreement with James.


  1, Ray Allen;


  2, Zaidrunas-Ilgauskas;


  3, Mo Williams;


  4, Tristan Thompson;


  5, JR-Smith;


  6, Mario Chalmers;

6,马里奥·查默斯(Mario Chalmers);

  7, Kyle Korver;

7,凯尔·科沃(Kyle Korver);

   8. Sean Battier;

8. Shane Battier;

  9, Anderson-Varejao;


   10. Alex Caruso.

10.亚历克斯·卡鲁索(Alex Caruso)。